The American Guild of Court Videographers has been established to provide the legal profession with qualified and certified videographers who understand the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 30(b)(4), which governs the taking of videotaped depositions to be admitted in a court of law.
Each video deposition will be recorded to DVD (or VHS if requested) and miniDV tape as a backup and for editing if needed. A thorough read-in by the videographer will be announced at the beginning of the deposition and Objection logs will be recorded and provided along with the DVD (or VHS) Original and a Certificate of Authenticity.
When you hire a videographer to take testimony under oath you expect that videographer to be the expert at videotaping your deposition and that they know the rules and how to do it properly and that they can produce a deposition that cannot be impeached. This is why you hire a Certified Court Videographer because you rely on his expertise to get it right so you can concentrate on what you do and that is questioning the witness.
The videographer will arrive about an hour before the scheduled start time to begin set up of the equipment. A thorough test of the equipment will be performed and an audio level check will be recorded at the beginning of the DVD. A direct audio feed can be provided to the court reporter for their own audio recording. The witness will be seated with a blue/grey backdrop behind them to ensure the focus remains on the witness. Each DVD will be recorded in the highest quality (mpeg 2) and can run up to about 80 minutes in length.
During the deposition accurate logs will be kept for each objection, colloquy and exhibits based on the time of day which is indicated on the screen. All On and Off the Record times will be noted on the DVD as well as the log sheets. At the conclusion of the deposition arrangements will be made to provide you with the Original DVD or VHS in a timely manner. A backup copy of your deposition will be kept on file for minimum of 5 years and will remain in strict confidence. The Deposition price includes all DVD and tape stock and there are no hidden charges. There is a minimum charge of 2 hours for the deposition and that excludes the set up and take down time, and then a per hour rate after that until the witness is dismissed with no limit on the number of witnesses you wish to depose.
Video Production Services include Standard Definition and High Definition video of interviews, presentations, Documentaries and TV and web advertisements of your firm.
Editing Services available for Standard and High Definition as well as and DVD authoring.
Duplication Services include VHS to DVD, MiniDV to DVD, video and Audio compression, FTP to Server uploading and DVD to DVD duplication.
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When you schedule your video deposition with Litigation Video Services you will get a Certified Videographer who is qualified and detail oriented, courteous, professional all around and not some guy with a consumer video camera looking to break into a new field.
You have just one opportunity to question a witness and when it comes to video you don’t get a second take! It has to be right the first time because you can’t afford to have something go wrong.
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